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Reservaciones: 800 823 8809
08 - Aug
(Nearby Event: Food & Dining, Festivals & Fairs)
Where:Incanto Vallarta, 109 Insurgentes, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
The film was originally shot as a feature film but ended up being released directly to the video.{e_description}#x5b;1{e_description}#x5d; The film was shot in the beginning months of 1999 at Pinewood Studios in London. The release of the film was advertised by a brief series of sing-along performances that Osmond starred in as a Fathom Event.{e_description}#x5b;2{e_description}#x5d; The film was released by PolyGram.{e_description}#x5b;3{e_description}#x5d; In the United States, the film was shown as an episode of PBS' Great Performances.

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