15 - Jun
(Nearby Event: Arts & Theater, Family)
Where:Incanto Vallarta, 109 Insurgentes, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
Princesas Desesperadas Returns This Summer! Perro Bravo Productions returns to Puerto Vallarta this summer with the Spanish adapted version of Tomas Ustusasteguis comedy Princesas Desesperadas. Under the clever supervision of multi-award winner, director Ramiro Daniel, and with the participation of award-winning actors Juan Pablo Hernandez, Juan Carlos Ramirez, Cesar Trujillo, and Cesar Bravo, Princesas Desesperadas is a fast-paced comedy that tells the story of four Disney Princesses who get together fifteen years after their happily ever afters. None of them is happy that they are not yet queens, and the sharp vaudeville-esque comedy quickly puts the audience in a voyeuristic situation as each character become unraveled as they peel off the tragedy of their lives piece by piece, drawing the spectators into a very private conversation amongst women; a conversation not meant to be heard by anyone else. Princesas Desesperadas - in Spanish - began in Puerto Vallarta in 2014, and has enjoyed overwhelming success ever since, playing to nearly two thousand people and receiving accolades from the media and the public. Pero Bravos co-founder Cesar Bravo says those who have seen this joyful production have become ardent very ardent fans, with some having seen the production seven times!

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