10 - Feb
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Where:Incanto Vallarta, 109 Insurgentes, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
"Primal Groove"  Lobo & Latcho reunite for two nights only with Andrea on Rhythm guitar Lobo (formerly of Willie & Lobo) and Latcho (Latcho & Andrea The Blond Gypsies) will reunite again at Incanto for two performances of Primal Groove, featuring earthy gypsy flamenco music. Latcho & Andrea: The Blond Gypsies transport their audiences musically to a real gypsy fiesta on the beach in Southern Spain. Youll surrender to the sights and sounds of authentic gypsy rumba flamenco and the stories they share. This is the world where Latcho & Andrea first became known as the Blond Gypsies, playing side by side with members of the internationally famous Gipsy Kings family.

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