25 - Feb
(Nearby Event: Food & Dining)
Where:Medregal Restaurant, Pulpito 120, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
Join us for a night of indulgence, and to taste a premium selection of classic red wines from the most romantic winemaking region in the world. We’ll be loyal to the Tuscan tradition of enjoying rich red wines with red meats, and will pair your tasting with an opulent board with the best cold cuts and creamy cheeses available in Puerto Vallarta. Date: Monday, December 3rdLocation: Medregal Restaurant, at 120 Pulpito (Olas Altas)Time: 6:00pmWhat’s Included: a tasting of 5 red wines from Tuscany and a substantial board of premium cold cuts, cheeses, vegetables, fruit, and nuts For more info, please email hola@uncorkmexico.com or visit our website www.uncorkmexico.com/wine-tastings
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